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Chipped/melted piston

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So we were pulling apart the 4.7L stroker from my brothers TJ and found this in one of the cylinders, a chunk is missing from one of the pistons and there are no marks on the wall from it :???:



Besides random detonation in just one cylinder I can't imagine how this could happen

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If your tearing the engine apart then replace the piston. If you just want a cheap, quick fix, polish the rough edges off the missing chip. While your at it polish the rough, pitted edge at the 2-3 O'Clock position. Rough edges get hot leading to detonation. Also gives carbon a place to build up. If I were doing it, I would replace the piston.

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We plan on replacing the piston, I'm just trying to figure out how this could happen to a 35,000 mile motor

Is he running platinum tip spark plugs? The tips can come off, and when they do they tend to break things inside the engine -- like pistons.


I won't run platinum plugs. I use only standard NGKs, and they run fine in all my Jeeps.

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