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Headliner questions???

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I know this topic has been overdone, but I need a new headliner... I searched forever (52 pages!) and didn't find what I need.


My headliner is junk, someone put some caulk or spackle all over it because the liner was sagging. :fs1:


I need a new backer board, does anyone have one to sell near Midland, MI 48640?


Does anyone know a local shop that does good work I can take it to? I wanted to do it myself but I am about done with working with material. The only place I know of is Auto Interior Decorators, which they are very costly.


Thanks much,

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52 pages :eek: In the search :eek:



There's only 6 pages on the DIY section, and this was on page #3 :D





There was a guy on e-bay a couple years ago that was selling new headliners, with the backer card, and I have not seen his add of late, maybe someone else has the info on that, I think he was shipping them out of Florida for about a buck and a quarter.

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I understand ;)


I know your looking for an upholstery shop. Local here, I know a good ole shop, that's very fair, up your way....... :dunno:


Have you checked any local junk yards that just might have a MJ, and a good headliner, or at least the backer card???

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I have called around and the most anyone can tell me is if they have "A Comanche" back there. I ask them for a specific part and they tell me I have to come over to check it out for myself. After I get there they tell me I can't go out to look at the truck. :headpop:


Junk yards aren't what they used to be, I can't find hardly any in the phone book or on the internet. :dunno: I don't know how to search for them so I haven't called many.


I would love to just find one myself, but I don't know how to search for JY in my area, Midland, MI.


If anyone has any tips for finding these I would appreciate it!!

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