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Good/Bad Problem

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Ok I started the Comanche after it has sat for 3 years getting redone (no pics, so don't ask), but when I started it the idle was very rough, almost like I had a big cam in it, and running rich. Today I started it and I heard a noise, like a belt squealing, it got worse and then stopped. This is where the good comes in--the idle was perfect, it might still be a little rich, but it ran and idled 10000% better than it ever did.


So what do I need to look at, I was thinking IAC motor, but would like some input.


88 Eliminator

4.0 no cat Y pipe and dual worn out Thrush Glasspacks

dana 44 front (waggy) 4.56 ARB

Ford 9" Rear (79 Bronco) 4.56 mini spool and moser 31 spline axles


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Harmonic Balancer needs replaced, and the power steering pulley is cracked ( I think that was one of the reasons I quit driving it every day).


Alternator, that is what I was thinking, and I am going to replace it (it's freakin old)


AC I don't think so, the compressor is there, but the lines and wires are unhooked (it will soon be removed anyway, I am planning on putting the alternator there).


It will mainly be a trail rig, so I am not too worried about it.


thanks for the replies


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If the AC compressor is still good then you can convert it to on board air especialy if its main duty is on trail try local u-pullit yards find xj & mj section and start scavaging parts xj rear hatches bring a good trade value if in good shape things of that nature and can be had cheap Ive done this for years great way to get parts you need and help out a felow jeeper at the same time I once traded a good set of comanche tail lights and a grill for a good 4.0 HO just see what you can find go often as it always changes new things coming and going oh and I should say watch for wranglers, rollbars,soft top hardware,ect all worth something to someone and some one out there has a good alt and harmonic balancer, and if thats cracked prolly why your mj idled rough. Good luck with yor project.

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good idea, but I already have a VIAIR and a thomas air comrpressor, so I am going to remove my compressor and move the alt. up there. I am also going to wire up a 3 position switch to my fan (auto, off, on) I am really suprised how easy it is. I removed my front bumper, and I could not resist doing as little cutting FUN!!!!!! :brows:


I am not going to be working on the Comanche this weekend, going to the ARCA race and the ASA race at the new Iowa Speedway (it even smells like new) if you watch Speed channel on Sunday I will be that one drunk fool in the RV area :cheers:

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