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SPOA Lift Questions

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From what I've heard, you can gain about 4.5 inches by doing a SPOA conversion? Could I just throw a pair of 4.5 inch coils on the front and new shocks all around? what else would I be needing? Extended break lines?

Thanks Guys

:Canadaflag: :cheers:

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you'll net at least 5" with an SOA, depending on a few things (2WD vs 4WD springpacks, condition of springs, type of perches you use, etc.). The front is a whole different can of worms. At a minimum, you're looking at longer/adjustable control arms, trackbar, swaybar links, shocks and brakelines.


SOA is cheap for the rear (about $50 for perches and new U-bolts), not so much for the front end.



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ballpark, to do it right, I'd say minimum of $500 for the front end. If you buy all new shiny stuff even more. Shop around the classifieds and see what folks are selling off either moving up or out of the sport....take your time and don't half azz it. You'll be happier in the end.


Figure out what it is you want out of your rig. You may end up better off with a smaller lift staying spring under and only going 2-3 inches. With that, you can get by passibly still using stock front end components and not spend as much. From your sig line, you say you want to go to 31" tires...you can do that easily with a simple AAL in the rear and some coil spacers in the front. I wouldn't consider going SOA unless you were considering 33-35" tires, and even those can work with less lift and a judicious application of a sawzall and proper wheel backspacing.

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I am still working out the finer points of mine, I had reworked rear spring packs thet were swapped for the broken ones that came on the truck and I ended up @ about 7.5-8" in the rear.

here's my expenses


75-used 6.5 rusty's coils

36 new ubolts from a trailer shop (2.75" for the 44, but I had already bought 2.5" for the 35, and they're for sale)

20 leaf perches

30 Brake hoses made locally @ a hydraulic shop that makes DOT Stainless

12 ZJ pitman arm

free ZJ V8 steering (they missed it in my giant pile @ PAP) will need modification

free full traction track bar (modified for additional height)

36 WJ control arms

40 new Moog joint for the track bar



100 non disco D30 w/larger joints

200 used rubicon express Control arm drop brackets w/ full reinforcement bracket(reinforcment doesn't fit MJ as is but will with trimming) Not really optional...

300 Bilstein 5100 (will need modified mountiing points for the rear)

250 Dana 44 rear axle

50 beer

1000 :ack: 5x BFG MT KM2 35x12.50x15




I'm probably close to a "Kit" but I went with better shocks, non disco 30 and a D44 rear and that was 75% of my cost

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mine is SOA, and it sits about level. I haven't measured the height yet, but also you are probably going to want bigger tires once the lift is done which is more $$$, longer shocks. Stronger steering components for the larger tires, and also you have to remember what gearing you have. Theres lots of stuff to look into. I bought mine already sprung over, and am slowly upgrading everything that was left stock. If you can afford it, i would say go for it :thumbsup: , there are just a lot of costs involved

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