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question primer and paint

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I'm getting ready to fix and repaint my naked MJ


I striped it from everything so I can fix the rust and repaint everything

(but I'm not looking for a 3000$ paint job) cheapest is not the best but........I don't mind paying a bit more then the cheapest


to start : as I grind and sand every parts I don't wanna leave naked metal because my garage is not heated and cause new rust

what type of primer should I use for now until I order POR 15 ?


how much POR 15 do I need to do::: the engine bay, the cab floor, underneath the cab and the rear frame


for the rest of the cab and the bed how much paint will I need?



more tech now, I got a light blue truck and I wanna paint it ''2010 F-150 blue'' do I need to prime it before or can i just paint over it?



I know my questions might not sound so clear but bear with me I'm french soapbox.gif

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Typically you can use any sandable, lacquer-based primer. I used the Rustoleum brand for temporary cover (less them 4-6 weeks).


When you repaint with a new color, the advances that have been made in paint composition will almost require you to use an epoxy sealer to cover the entire vehicle's surfaces that you will repaint. This not only seals the old finish away from the new paints, but can also provide a good surface for the new finish to 'grip'. Two warnings though: You cannot sand an epoxy primer as you can other primers and retain the sealing qualities, and some (like the PPG Deltron line) REQUIRE you to apply the finish coat within the 10-15 minute flash time of the eposy primer application (or the finish coat will de-adhease).


You will need approximately 1 gallon of (before mixing) of finish coat. A general rule of thumb is:


2 quarts of epoxy primer and hardner

1 gallon of base coat color and reducer appropriate for your temp conditions

1 gallon of clear coat, 1 qt of hardener and 1 gallon of reducer

1 gallon of wax and grease remover


POR15 quantity I can't answer, but based upon what you want to cover I'd say 4 quarts.


Good Luck

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Be sure you understand the procedure to apply POR15 with the cleaners and treatments. You will not want any primers or paint on the surface you want to treat with the POR. There is a lot of reading available on their website for prepreation steps.

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