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Sprung a leak

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During all this rain we got here in the northeast, i found that my 92 does leak, from the good ol' vent windows :fs1: . I know these are prone to leaking, and a lot of people replace them with solid ones, but i like them too much to take them out. Has anyone gone around and sealed them up to fix the leak?

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New seals won't help. They leaked when new. Leaking vent windows was one of my warranty complaints when I bought the '88 Cherokee new in 1988. The factory "fix" was to replace the vents with the fixed windows.


I opened the vents, applied a coating of NAPA "Sil-Glyde" silicone grease to the rubber, and shut the windows on the grease. Works fine, and you can still open the windows when needed. If you actually use the vents, you'll need to reapply the grease periodically.

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