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Gizmo (88 XJ) slow build

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Well, I finally decided to get my XJ on here. I've only had it sine October, so it's overdue to make an appearance. This will be a slow build as well as Baby, but this one will see a bit quicker work, as it's my current DD and trail rig.



You can clearly tell in the pic below that Baby is definitely lowered.



A bit rusty, but no big concern to me.


Olympic Edition FTW. :chillin:


Full gauges with almost 170k on the clock.


That's all I have for now, but future plans include: I'd like to go with a 4.5" lift down the road, but probably going to do a 2" BB for a while, 31's at minimum, 2x6 rockers/rock rails, new front and rear bumpers with tow points in rear, get rid of the bent rear hitch, new hatch, and fix the hole in the drivers side floor. Paint will be done this summer, in a burnt copper with black lower edges.

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