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8.8 Shocks

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The weather is starting to get a little warmer here. (almost 50 today). As soon as the mud dries a little more I'm going to start putting the 87 together. I have the 8.8 under it, spring perches tacked on. I have to figure out where my brake line and shock mounts are going to go then I'll pull it all back out and weld it up. The axle is SOA with stock MJ leafs, I think I might throw the exploder main leaf into the pack for a little extra capacity. Shocks mounted level with the axle center line (horizontal center line) mounts welded to the tubes. My question is will I be able to use my stock length shocks, or should I order longer ones, with some amount of lift over stock? Reason I can't just go out and measure is I'd need to try and flex it up some, and I really don't think my floor jack works very well being dragged around through the mud. The other reason is I'd like to buy the shocks, have them on hand for when I'm ready to go. BTW all other issues have been dealt with and are good to go, IE: pinion angle, yoke, DS length, brake lines,etc.


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I've seen a few pics of shocks mounted at an angle, is it preferable that I do this now, (mount at an angle) rather than trying to fight a setup that is less than ideal, (stock shocks with stock shock layout)?

Got pics, or anybody else got pics, or links to their pics,of this setup?

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I used generic aftermarket perches. The number for the flange is: Spicer Part Number 2-2-1379

You can special order from many parts parts stores, cost +/- $40 plus shipping. don't forget to get a new pinion nut.

I'm probably going to use the Explorer spring plates, after I cut the shock mounts off to use on my 87. They (spring plates) have the correct centers for the U-bolts.

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