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What are the symptoms of a failing clutch slave.....

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I ask as my 89 MJ ( 4.0, BA-10) has developed a loosey goosey clutch pedal.

It just kinda flops around from fully let out to about half way depressed...then after that it has the normal resistance you would expect from a cluthc pedal. Seems the throw has been cut in half.

When I say it is loosey goosey..it just flops areound with no back pressure or resistance.

What say you?


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Checked the reservoir...it was just below the min. No fluid leaking at the firewall..it is dry and no indications it ever leaked in the past. I will check the tranny tomorrow. I did fill it up and seem like i got some pedal back.

I forgot about the reservoir when i posted. Hopefully nothing major...a master cylinder I can replace no biggy...a save...think not. I have a Jeep service manual so i will see how to bleed the system.


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