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Looking for assistance in Iowa - Wrench n Go '91 MJ


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Not sure how many CC members live in Iowa, but... I'm rebuilding an 89 MJ 4.0 5-spd 4x4 in California. Looking for someone who lives near Des Moines Iowa willing to pull parts at the Wrench n Go there... The first task is confirming the truck is a 4.0L, 4x4, 5-speed. (I called the yard and they cannot assist with that).


I need the complete interior wiring harness (meaning the interior firewall fuse box, wiring that runs behind the dashboard and all wiring around the entire cab - except the door wiring. Am also looking to get the wiring harness that exits under the drivers seat and runs to the gas tank and taillights, including the taillight wiring harness itself. Also, would like to get the fuel pump & sending unit). Basically all wiring from the firewall back. Looking to the wiring to be unplugged and not cut.


Obviously I will pay for your time in addition to the parts. Not sure how familiar you are with dissasembly of the MJ. If you're familiar with dissassembly, this is will be a 4-5+ hour job. You'll need to gut the interior of everything. One of the biggest challenges will be getting the center bolt out engine side of the fuse box (this holds the engine harness to the fuse box to the interior fusebox).


I can let you know all the tool specifics you'll need to bring to get the job done. Let me know someone is interested. I'm thinking $25 per hour + parts. Thanks,




P.S. Moderator Hornbrod can attest I'm not a scammer.

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