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http://rockford.craigslist.org/zip/1615259185.html :



I have small Haier brand chest freezer that will not freeze. It gets cold, not really sure how cold, but not cold enough to actually freeze anything rendering it mostly useless to me, unless I desire it to occupy space in my laundry room, which it does with enormous success. It does manage to manufacture a little frost which is as useless to me the freezer itself. It's not very big, about 3 years old and has 1 basket inside. It's actually in decent condition except for the fact that it stubbornly refuses to work correctly.


This is where you, my friend, come in. Imagine this high tech cooling box in your house. Imagine the things you could do with it.


Do you have an inane desire to manufacture home lagers that need to ferment at a cool temperature? Then this is the appliance for you.


Perhaps you have some odd science experiments that require approximately the same temperature your fridge maintains, but all that pesky food is in the way preventing you from reaching academic greatness. What a deal!


Maybe you are a Ninja and have stealthy purposes you are not willing to admit for this fridge for fear of breaking the Ninja code. You sir, I salute.


Or by chance do you have a desire just to fill a large cold box with nothing but beer.


Maybe you can just fix it or use it for parts. Whatever.


Either way, I can help you move it, it's not very heavy and would only require 2 people to move. I am available to help move after 5 on weekdays and after 12 on weekends. Please contact me with any questions. Happy cooling.



For you ninja's... :rotf:

Rob L.

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