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Headlight Switch Wiring Harness/Connector

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My wife's '94 XJ recently lost all parking lights/dash lights. I looked at it today and after removal of the headlight switch I noticed that the connector was melted a bit. I believe this to be the cause of a faulty headlight dimmer/switch.


Does anyone know where to purchase a new connector at? It's a 9-terminal connector and plugs directly into the headlight switch/dimmer. I simply just need the plastic connector as it looks like all the wiring/terminals are ok.


I believe that it is year specific from '92-96.


It plugs into the back of this;



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I was told by the local auto parts store that it's a vehicle specific plug and my only option would be the dealer.


Upon calling the dealer I was told I'd have to buy an entire vehicle wiring harness (yeah right!). Didn't know if anyone on here worked at a dealer and could look it up to see if you can just by the connectors?


I guess my other option is to find someone parting an XJ or a '92 MJ that would have that connector... :grrrr:

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The connector uses 1/4" standard female spade connectors, so if you can't find one you could easily terminate the wires individually and use heat shrink. Just a thought............

That is probably what I will end up doing so I can get her XJ back on the road quickly. Only negative I have with doing that is that if/when I ever had to go back and do any work I'll have no clue what terminal goes where. I guess if the new switch has any markings on each terminal I can try to label them...


Oh the combination's possible with 9 terminals. I could see myself shooting myself for doing that...

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