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Yet another SOA question

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Ok so here's something I've been pondering.


The PO of my MJ said it had a rough country lift. And it had a few rough country stickers on it (which have been removed, I aint yo billboard!)


But as much rust and crud is on the springs, I can't tell if he was pulling my leg ot not. The back axle is S0A right now, and it looks like there is a spacer over the front coils. This thing doesn't sit too high tho.


My question is, were MJs stock SUA? Maybe it did have a RC lift on it at one point, but the springs are just shot. I think it has 235 tires on it now. I only wanna run 31s so, is going back to SUA to gain some height a bad idea?


That was my plan, SUA out back and v8 ZJ coils up front


Don't kill the newbie!

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First... yes, all MJs were SUA at stock.


How could going from SOA to SUA gain height? You'd make the back end drop about 5 inches.


In case you're a little confused on terms:

what are those measurements in? Sorry I'm not to savy on the metric system.

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Depending on the condition of your leaf packs, your SOA conversion will yield different results. Id say a good average is 5-6", for some reason mine gave me 8.5". ZJ coils in the front will only give you an inch or 2 if I remember correctly (feel free to correct me if I am wrong). If you just want to clear 31's, you can just do a 2" budget boost (poly spacers go on top of your coils and longer shackles in the rear). Scratch that if your coils are no good.

The ideal lift for 31's would be a 3" suspension that replaces your coils and also provides a new SUA leaf pack. In my opinion, your control arms will be fine will 3" of lift as well as your brake lines. I ran a cherokee with 4" of lift with stock control arms and track bar and it rode just fine and did great off road. Hope this gives you a little help.

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