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Question on fuel sending unit

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So recently my gas guage has been acting like a speedometer. When I hit the gas it pegs all the way up and then all the way down at idle. So I figured it was a fuel sending unit. I can't seem to find any fuel sending unit... Is it built into the fuel pump?

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The fuel sending unit is mounted on the side of the sender unit, next to the pump, in the tank.


See picture -




It sounds like the resistor spring in the sending unit went bad on your, the problem is, there are no parts available for replacement :(


I believe that Mr. Hornbrod has a repair process for this, if he has, he might be kind enough to post it here for you :D

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Wow thats not good. So there is no way to make the fuel guage work ever again? A new fuel pump doesn't come with a sending unit? I guess I will need to pull one at a junk yard with is near impossible.


Of course there's always a way. Have you crawled under yet to inspect the wiring going into the tank, check for good 12V power and ground, and/or pulled the sender/pump assembly out of the tank yet? It's not going to fix itself mate. :cheers:

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