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'91 MJ makeover

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Have a little time, so i decided to do a few cosmetic changes to the MJ


so this is before:






Tying the Rockrail into the doorjam.



slid a piece of 2 x 1x 3/16th on top of that :






tacked in



then added a piece of 3/4 x 3/16th flatbar from corner to corner








Also picked up a set of doors off a '97 XJ. power mirrors and manual window winders which is what i wanted. These are bolt ons, they changed the hinge style in the '98 an up. Still doable but more work.




test fit




have to paint the inner panel grey to get rid of the tan




New style door striker tacked on, still have to add bolts and backing plates for strength from behind. thought i was going to get lucky and reuse the original striker bolt hold but it was just a little too far off




Now to tear it off again and paint the door jam and around the inside of the door.


picked up the paint last week, its called 'sparkling graphite' off a bmw, its a dark grey gun metal color..........stay tuned ;D

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didnt get a whole lot done today, but got a good start on re-facing the rollpan:


the source for the new face






the top is 1.5x1.5 square, the bottom is 1x2, if i were to do it again i would actually go to the store and pick up something like 3/4x3/4 square tubing, this is overkill but its what i had kicking around at the time.


here's its pulled out so you can see the contours of the bottom of the bed




on the bench




curving the alum. around, holding it until the self tappers are in




and finally trimmed to fit, going to paint it as is, then install with SS selftappers afterwards.



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