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1992 Comanche Info & Scans

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I'm not sure that 'Tech' is the right spot for scan threads like these,

but 'The Pub' says:

General chit-chat and everything non-tech or non-Comanche goes here


so I put them here. :dunno:



These are from the '1992 Product Information Booklet'.




There was also a full '1992 Data Book', I'll try to scan the pages, and add it to this thread when I can.












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That's pretty cool to read.




I haven't dug through & read this stuff in a while, so :agree:




Some of these scans came out pretty poor tho (scanned, then reduced to 30%),

I'll try to fix them when I get to the rest of the 1992 stuff.


I'm hoping to include ALL 1992 dealer literature in this thread (including Brochures),

then make a 1991 thread, and so forth.



I've been wanting to do this for a while, but just haven't had the time to scan all the pages.

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