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Door Hinge Pins and Bushings

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My 88 & 89 didn't have bushing in the hinges, they only had a split pin. I pulled the doors off punched out the pins and then just drilled the pin hole in the hinge out to 1/4" or maybe 13/64 and it cleaned it up enough so I could drop a greased up 1/4" bolt into the hinge. Worked good, no slag or slop in over 2 years now.

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Took the word of the parts guy at the jeep dealership that "bushings were no longer available" for pre-91. No bushings, eh? According the that same parts dept., the later hinges replace the older, so maybe they went to pins and bushings since that's what they show for the later models. Wonder if I could drill out to the busing size and install later pins and bushings? Have to see. Or, do the bolt thingie. :cheers:

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