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Hard starting. Haven't read about this one.

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88,4.0. Truck always started good. Was t/sing my wipers awhile back and had it idling for a few minutes. Shut it down and tried to restart, cranked but wouldn't start. Held gas pedal to floor, still wouldn't fire. Pissed off so had lunch and a cold one. Came back out and fired right up. Seems to only do this only after extended idling. I can drive it around, shut it down, fires right up :dunno: Any thoughts?

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yeah, sounds like a heat related issue which would point to bad sensor or relay, mainly pointing to... the CPS!!!


this is difficult to test but if your cps is original you should probably replace it even if its not the problem (today)



tanke a can of brake cleaner and spray off your cps then get it running and spray it it will get all of the oil off of the flywheel and cause it to run normal again. my 89 xj did that my RMS was leaking and throwing oil up on the pickups on the flywheel causing hard start.

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