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Lighting problem... With headlight switch

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Backstory: PO had used a aftermarket pull knob light switch. ran lines to the plug used for all exterior and interior lighting. Lines ran controlled headlights, hot line, markers, and instrument panel.


Now: Got a used headlight switch with the rheostat and such...


Tried to plug the plug into the new switch. Only the headlights come on. No markers, no tail. I do not know if instrument did it was daylight out. Interior lights did not come on.


Is this a grounding issue? Or what, but since obviously it's juryrigged together with an aftermarket switch, the individual lines do work, albeit I do not know what goes to what short of blue markers, tan headlights, and red hot.


I'd prefer to be able to use the stock light switch and have all my stuff work.


ALSO is their an easier way to get to the headlight switch's cubby other then remove the gauge cluster and finaggle through the wiring? how do I take off the side dash trim where the vent line is?

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Yeah I got that and done all that. I'm more interested in accessing the plug itself. I can wiggle the whole assembly through the space for the side vent line inside the dash behind the gauges, but Its really hard and the metal slices up hands good. I was wondering if I could remove the dash pieces next to the headlight switch with the vent. and figure out why it will work hooked up to some juryrigging, but the real switch does not. sigh.

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i just did that job twice

its alot easier if you take off the bottom panel of your dash

where your shins are when driving

you will get easy access from there!


and yes there is a button that you have to push its real hard 2 find but its there

or u can take off the nut in the front so its a little frreed and then you can see the button

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First remove ground from battery. Pull headlight knob to the fully out position, take you finger or pencil or some other small blout instrument and press the button on the bottom of the light switch, while holding this button in pull the knob completely out. Take the proper size straight blade screwdriver and remove the retaining nut by turining it counter clockwise. Now you can remove the single wire on a tab at the rear of the switch and by pulling upward and wiggling the wiring plug you can now remove the plug from the switch and remove the switch from its cradle. Reassemble in reverse order and everything should work great, and yes he is correct you can see better if you remove the bottom dash trim piece.


Jim -1987 Comanche 4X4 4.0l AX15 conversion

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thats crazy...if u look through my posts i just went thro the same EXACT thing like 2 weeks ago

after replacing my switch, a day later i had no markers lights or taillights

i looked at my plug again and it was melted to the switch :dunno:

i cut the plug and spliced GOOD connectors directly to the switch bypassing the plug

its was a little tricky to do

i think that the aftermarket switches suck

they just seem cheap...light and easily breakable

and i had a hell of a time putting the shaft in, but......

seems to work though.....no problems yet..........yet :shake:

try that n see

i dunno....that seems to b what was wrong with mine

its crazy that I'm the one trying to help

I'm glad i finally can tho!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

did you take off the bottom panel?

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