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1986 MJ A904 Transmission

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Might want to think about getting a Chevy S10 Tranny. They're a dime a dozen, as compared to MJ's. Only problem I see might be the drive shaft to the TC.


S10s run a divorced case? Might be fun to get that to work in an MJ.


Also, you need to consider electronics. The 904 (IIRC) is a completely hydraulically controlled trans.

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What about the 727? I heard its a beefier version of the 904 and seems to have more options for it but not sure if it would line up. I saw an article on taking the back end of a 518 (would need the 4x4 version) and mating it to a 727. After that you add a couple extra parts that come in a kit for 85 bucks and voila you have a tranny with overdive. Not sure If it would work on the 904 though. Here is the link to the kit: http://www.redrider.us/727_transmission.htm Its called the "PATC 727 to 518 Conversion Kit".

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