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E-Brake problem

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I have searched the forums and havent found an answer to this...


My ebrake actually works, kinda. When i push it down with my foot, it tightens the back brakes (engages), but the ebrake pedal won't stay down. As soon as I remove my foot, it comes right back up. Is this a common problem?


I just registered the truck today, and I am going to take it for inspection next week. It will fail for the ebrake problem for sure.


Any feedback is appreciated....



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Sounds like you need a new pedal/ ratchet assy. Watch the assy while you push down on the e-brake pedal. There should be a lever that catches on the teeth . This is what holds it and get released when you pull the handle. You might get lucky and it might just be sticky.

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I haven't had an e-brake for several years now because of that same exact problem. I took the rachet assembly off and cleaned out the ratchet and pawl and it still doesn't hold. The dealer wanted close to $300 for a new assembly when I first had the problem and now the unit isn't even stocked anymore.


It looks like the junkyard is the only affordable option but I suspect finding a ratchet that still catches or even getting the chance to test it in place with potential frozen brake cables will make it hard to locate a replacement. I haven't had any problems with inspection because the garage that does the inspection has been servicing my vehicles for 19 years now and they understand the situation.

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Hey mine still works and I won't be needing it since I'm going full width and rear disc. The only thing wrong with it is the handle/cable to release it ismissing I think, I'll have to double check to be sure. Just pay for shipping and you can have it. 8)


If Joe doesn't take you up on that offer I'd be grateful if you would let me know.

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