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Can I use 31's without lift kit?

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yes you can use 31s. it will rub if you turn too sharp but there is an easy fix for that. let me see if i can find the previous posts about this for ya. and have you had your rear main looked at? my 86 did that and it had the stupid seal that required like 17hrs of labor and was going to cost me over 1k to have it fixed. yours shouldnt be that much though since that was only a problem for the 86s.



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I ran stock wheels and suspension with 31x10.5's for a few months.


They rub on the lower control arms at full steering lock, and the other side will rub on the steering skid if you have one.

Some solutions:


Adjust the steering stop

Get grand cherokee control arms.

Get wheels with less backspacing.

The other observations:

My 10.5's rub on the frame rail out back when I really work out the suspension.

Your auto should have 3.55 gears, so it won't be horrible with 31's. Any larger and I would plan on regearing to get gas mileage and crawl ratio back.

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