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starter problem?

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i have an 87 I6 manual and it won't start, I'm pretty sure the battery is poop, its been sitting for a while but i jumped it and had the cables attached, the p.o. put in a pushbutton start, thin gague wire from the fuse box (i hate getto wiring) and the other is the same wire going straight to the starter under the hood, when i turn the key, the fule pump goes on but the starter doesnt work, may be the fuse box, but i ran a wire from the battery to the other side of the switch and i can hear the starter click but it doesnt do anything else, so i ran a wire from the battery and touched it to the starter and it did the same thing. any suggestions, new starter? what can you usualy get them for, brand new? are they hard to replace? it started and worked a while ago, it has just been sitting for a while, now i need to get it towed to fix the slave cylinder and more stuff goes wrong.

any help would be awsome,



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