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Sweet craigslist score (reloading supplies)


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One of the few occasions where I stumbled across a good deal when I actually had money. In this case all NOS reloading supplies (except for the reddot)


8oz of Unique

50 Norma 357 mag cases

and best of all

2600 Federal SP primers

and it only set me back 12 miles worth of gas @21mpg

$1 worth of ATM fees from a small town one room bank


50 McChickens


I got the impression that my $50 offer was more then the seller expected and I could have got the stuff cheaper........In which case I would have felt bad about the deal.


Check out the old price labels on those powder cans!


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That is some OLD stuff!! You cannot be sure of how it was stored. Was the powder sealed? How does it smell? If you stir the powder, is there a "smoke" coming off it? If yes its has begun to break down and is useless for anything but lawn fertilizer.


Take some of the primers and prime some cases and fire them No powder or bullets. To see of there is any misfires. If they where properly stored, you will likely be fine, if not, you could be in for some headaches from the duds and miss or hang fires.


(I am have been a re loader for thirty years and instructed reloading for almost ten.) Good luck!!



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I remember you from GBO :D small world huh


no surprisingly the powder smells like a bottle of new unique (don't care bout the reddot) no off-gassing or funky smell-color. Of course being "old" unique I expect the stuff to be smoky and nasty apoun firing.


The primers look great and in my opinion must have had some care put into their storage for the cardboard boxes to look as pristine as they do going through our Arkansas summers humidity.


I won't be attempting to win any benchrest matches with his stuff anyhow, I'll combine the unique with a 500box of 158grn cast RNFP's to create a cheap plinkin load for my marlin 1894cs

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