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4.0 Wont start

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I searched already cldn find to much useful info.

So last night i pulled it in the garge to put on my new master cylinder,

got that done today and went to start it and it just cranks


I know that its getting spark and all wires are hooked up correctly no blown fuses or antyhing like that


90% sure its not getting gas, poured a little in the air intake and nothing, it cranks but thats it.


I need this running within the next 4 hours for work..

Fuel pump is deffinately grounded.


Any ideas thoughts suggestions?

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Does the fuel pump prime?


Get in it, leave the door open, and just turn the key to 'on', not 'start'. You should hear a whine for a second or two if the fuel pump is priming.


Did you unplug any connectors when you changed the master cyliner? (which one did you change?)


Another thing you can try is pulling the fuel pump relay out for a few seconds, check the connections, and put it back in.

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You should be able to smell gas , if its pumping fuel but not turning over .My truck had a new filter when I bought it ,

but after quite a few tanks of gas it clogged a new filter . Not sure if there is a way to externally check the injectors .


If you can't get it to turn over by spraying gas in it , that sounds like spark .

Sometimes it takes a while for it to turn over by spraying fuel in there .


That happened on my bike with a bad fuel pump . Took me forever to get it to start , once it did I knew it was the pump .

Even then it took a while to purge the pump , after taking the lines off and on .

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Check the grounds. There's the main battery ground running from the passenger back side of the block, and a secondary ground running from one of the head bolts to the firewall. If those aren't the greatest, it may spark with the plug outside of the head, but not grounding when the plug's in the head.

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Mine was a loose switch at the bottom of the steering column. Turn the key to on, and does the seatbelt buzzer come on? If so, you can rule out the ignition switch.


If not, wiggle some wires around under the dash...possible loose connection.

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put a timing light on the plug wires they spark for sure in the head.


and the plugs i pulled had some gas on the ends.


wouldnt that same switch also control the priming of the pump? therefore

if it primes which it is then it should fire, plus when cranking it sparks.

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So my comanche still refuses to start,

i did the whole flashing check engine light codes..

and the only ones that showed up where


12, 33


which are coolant fan, and attery power disconnected.


She still won't start and i don't know what else to even look at!!!!

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Sounds like to me your injectors aren't working. It's not likely all 6 wouild Kaput at the same time so seems like your just not getting a signal to them.I would check all connections, plugs, wires, grounds associated with the ECU, Computer, injectors. Altho what I don't understand is why you can spray gas in directly and it doesn't fire.

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