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Front axle swap??

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I hav a few questions.. I would like to swap my d30 with a d44 because I have one in the rear, and I am going to run bigger tires.


What will be the best option?


I am thinking about buying a rubicon front axle, because that way I would keep the 5 on 4,5 bolt pattern. But this is the expensive and easy way.


I can get a 87 grand wagoneer front axle, but that wil change the bolt pattern to 6 on 5,5.


Is it possible to build the waggy front axle to 5 on 4,5 bolt pattern?


What would be the best way for a d44 front axle?

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Do you have more money or time? Do you have good friends who rabidly attack their own rigs with fearless abandon? The rubi axle is a perfect choice for ease of installation but the axle tube and ends are still at d30 specs. They will take an @$$load of abuse but will bend easily at the upper part of the "C". 78-79 ford f-250 high pinion d44, cut the long end, swap on the 5 lug outers, spacers for the rear with 5x5.5 pattern. Time and money for any decent upgrade in the end.

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