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how to remove bed

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There are 6 bolts holding the bed on. Three on either side. There is the gas filler tube to undo. The mechanical brake system is bolted to the bed. Gas tank support straps are bolted to the bed,Don't remember if the spare tire carrier is or not. Believe it is tho. The wiring harness for the tail lights. And the ground located on the left rear for the Tail lights and gas tank. By putting a shorter bed on your going to have a space between the cab and bed, or have the frame sticking out the rear. Suggest you think twice about this before doing it. It can be done but will the final result be worth it?

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Not trying to hi-jack, but I'll watch this post to find out what kind and size of bolts are used here. The PO of my Heep removed the bed and never re-bolted it. Looking at other trucks (newer styles, makes) it seems they are using big (t-60+) torx head carriage bolts.


The "body" section of the Chilton manual has a good diagram of bed R&R. Not a good explanation though. It starts by saying "remove driver's side tail light connector". There's no good explanation on how to get the bed off other than to say "remove cargo box". Can't be too much rocket science past that.


Crawling around under there with a good light should show you what you need to take off.

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