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How do you change the door pins?

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Well ive let my door go long enough, Every time i shut it i have to lift up on it or it won't close. I called around and the pins were hard to find. The dealer didnt have a listing along with several other stores. The last store i tried didnt have a listing either but the guy at the desk told me chev pins would work, he said just cut them to length. So i got them but now I'm wondering how i go about changing them?

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Channel lock pliers......put the upper jaw end on the bottom of the pin and the top jaw end at the edge of the bracket that the hinge end sits in, squeeze and the pin will pop up. Once it pops, use a pair of needlenose to wiggle it free. Install is opposite of removal, minus the needlenose step, and with the channel locks flipped over.....press the new pin in from above.



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