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They'll make THESE for us, but they won't make taillights.


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http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/JEEP-COM ... 53de698d2d






Retail Price: $89.99

Our Price: $58.97


* (Set of 4) New Custom Chrome Wheel Cover Skins.

* For The Jeep Comanche 15" Nine Slot Steel Wheel With 5 Lug Nuts.

* Made From High Impact, Automotive Grade Chrome ABS Providing For a Long Life And Extended Durability.

* Patented Metal Retention Clip System Allows For a Quick And Easy Install at The Same Time Providing For a Superior Hold to The Wheel.

* The Manufacturing Process Guarantees a Perfect Fit Every Time.

* Chrome Skins Are The Perfect Way to Improve The Look of The Vehicle Without Paying The High Cost For Aftermarket Chrome Wheels.

* Wheel Skins Do Not Interchange With Different Wheels. If Your Factory Steel Wheel Did Not Match This Photo or Description The Wheel Skin Will Not Fit On Your Wheel.


Product Code: IMP24XJeep90E




I know these 15x6" wheels were used on other Base model Jeeps besides our Comanche's,

but how many people (besides me ;) ) are still using these old, bottom of the line, 6" wide wheels on their Jeeps still?

Of those people, how many would spend money to dress them up, instead of putting the $50 - $100 towards a better set of Jeep take off wheels?


I'm just surprised the aftermarket spent the time & money to go after this very limited group. :dunno:


(while still ignoring the taillight thing)

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I have several MJ'S and XJ"S running the 'standard issue' rims. If I wanted them to look pretty I'd clean and paint 'em. And if I wanted chrome wheels I'd go the extra bucks and get the rims. Not the cover. Ain't putting them down, There just not for me.

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