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Steering Wheel Moves In and Out

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I have a non tilt steering column and the steering wheel moves in and out about an 1/8th of an inch. It rubs on the column now. Also my ignition is starting to bind up. Anyone know what might cause this? I had someone move the wheel in and out while I looked under the hood and didn't notice and movement from the steering shafts that go into the steering box.



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ever been in an accident with it? the saginaw columms are designed to collapse a bit internally in the event of a front end collision to help minimize injury, its basically like a slip yoke and the two sections are held together with a shear pin.... my guess is the shear pin is broken... i think they can be repaired, not 100% tho...

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I would think the bearing in the column are on there last breath :(


Most steering columns have a little play in the wheel, foe and aft, but not more than an 1/8"


Do you hear any "clunking" sounds when you turn the wheel??


Steering columns are cheap, and easy to replace, if it bothers you that much, just get a good used one, or even upgrade to a tilt column and be done.

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I'd say something in it definitly collapsed. I noticed that my steering felt stiffer and I looked and the steering wheel is rubbing on the column. When you pull out on the wheel it feels free again. It doesn't bind up or make any weird noises though.

The only crash I've been in was when I backed into an eclipse at the gas station about a month ago.

I have to tear it apart today to see what's up with my ignition. Hopefully I'll be able to see what the problem is.

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