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91 MJ on eBay.......LT1 Vette engine

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Not quite a Vette engine, it came from an Impala so has two-bolt mains and iron heads. Sounds like he hasn't done any computer tuning. I don't see a MAF sensor so it's already going to be in speed density mode, and also if he hasn't adjusted for the change in gearing the speed sensor in the transmission will be out of whack and in limp mode. Easy fixes, '95s run OBD1 which is quite easy to tune.


Pretty cool! The LT1 is my choice as the ultimate engine in an MJ.

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They are related. The Dnepr was the Ukranian version of the Ural, which was produced in Russia. Dnepr's usually have a bad rap due to quality control issues, and the parts that got exported to the US are generally bottom-of-the-barrel type stuff. Properly put together and maintained though they can be fine rigs, though certainly not suited to traveling today's highways. If long distance touring on the highways is your thing, do yourself a favor and get a Harley or BMW or something modern with high speed capabilities and reliability. For the right purpose though the Ural can't be beat for fun factor :cheers:


It's a Yuri Special Dnepr, a combination of MT10-36 and MT11 Dnepr parts.


Okay. Thought it was a Ural. :cheers:

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