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transmission oil cooler line conector

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I've read several posts related to this topic, but didn't read anything related to my issue specifically (I think)

I recently changed the oil and filter in the tranny and when I reconnected the transmission oil cooler lines to the transmission, one of the two didn't push in as tightly as the other. It has also come loose several times on the road, leaving people behind me with droplets of oil on their windshield (I'm sure)

I see white smoke in the rear view mirror, and that is my queue to pull over and push the line back into the tranny.

The dealer has one (!) repair kit left, which includes o-ring, retaining clip, and some other (mystery object) item that may be a special tool, all for the low low price of USD40.00 !!

The connector I see on Rock Auto (Dorman part # 800714) is one that screws into the transmission, and not at all what I am looking for. I don't know if this is supposed to replace what I have, or what.


Can anyone help me figure this one out? :ack:

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The dealer piece is the guts of the OEM connector. Should have 2 o-rings, a spacer, the plastic snap on piece and the "tool".


The Dorman part is an adapter to get rid of the quik-disco and adapt it with either a flare fitting or a screw on piece and a hose barb.


Something like this:


Image Not Found


If you don't want to flare, nut, barb, go with the dealer part. All my trans connections on my XJ are done like this.

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That system is pretty rough to work with as I struggled with it the first time I endountered it.


I unthreaded the whole piece and figured it out on the work bench. I found it had to be ALL cleaned out inside in order to function properly.


I am going to replace it with an AN fitting set up in the long run.

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When I replaced my tranny lines I had the same problem. Unscrew the connector from the tranny that the quick connect goes into. Pop the tranny line into the quick connect, then screw the connector back onto the tranny.


EXACTLY how I got mine to work. I had to clean all the dirt and grime out first.

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Thanks to everyone who replied so far.

I don't have a connector that screw in to the transmission housing, so the only applicable response I've seen is to use the dealer provided repair kit. I am not convinced that the dorman part I referenced is something that I can use, or better said, is something meant to replace what I currently have. I imagine that I would have to thread the hole in the transmission housing in order to accept the fitting from dorman. After that I wonder if the line I have is the proper size and can just be pushed into the fitting to make the connection. I don's see where flaring the end would help at all.

Am I getting this right? My option is to go for the dealer repair kit?

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That part #800714 is what the quick connect (plastic piece) is in that the tranny line clicks into. The red plug in the pic on rock auto is the end with the quick connect in it. and the other end screws into the tranny. I had to remove the neutral safety switch to get a box wrench on one of them. I actually ordered those from rockauto when mine wouldnt click in. But when I put them in the line still wouldnt click into them either. Ended up using the originals and getting the quick connect to click in the way I stated above. The plastic insert in the fitting that the line clicks into is much better quality (thicker plastic) on the OEM fitting than the one rockauto has. I think I still have the fittings from rockauto at home.


I hope this makes sense.


Do you have automatic tranny (AW4)?

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