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88 dana 44 disc brake conversion (HELP)

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One thing I forgot to mention to you, the WJ's have a 5on5 bolt pattern. So the swap is more involved if you choose one of these. Your axle in your D44 is 5on4.5 and IIRC the AL44 axle shafts is/are different enough that it won't work. (IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY)


Now I have a couple D44 axle seal plates in the garage (as well as one complete axle in my MJ. AND a 8.8 in my TJ, so I can crawl under with a tape and measure... tomorrow.... :D


Hopefully one of the guys here will have a for certain answer for you tonight or before I get out there aft work Wednesday...



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Crown vic brakes are close to a direct swap once you add a spacer. I am sure there are lots of writeups on JF or Naxja.



I did the brake swap by using ZJ disc brakes. To do this you have to have the center hole machined out so the oil seal will pass through. It has to be machined out 3/32 or so. Then you have to have the backing plate redrilled. I also used TJ d44 retaining plated and had them redrilled fot the xjd44. all told my machine work was around 150. During assembly there is barely enough threads on the retaining studs to get the retaining plate and everything tightened up.

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Here is a TJ rubicon plate next to a D44 xj plate.




Here the parts are mocked up before I press the bearings and all the other stuff together.




I also took a zj disc brake prop vale spring and swapped it into the xj prop vale. The zj prop valve is the shorter of the two.


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