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Idles rough then dies????

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Ive had the MJ running drove it to the alignment shop Thursday and picked it up Friday everything was fine.Moved it around in the shop today serviced the transmission and T case this morning,running it to warm up before I took it for test drive and it started idling rough died...Cranked it back up and it would rev up but started acting like it was cutting out and with it reved up or idling.It will eventually cut off,but will restart everytime....HELP!!!!

If you need more info let me know I'm baffled.

Fuel pump is new didnt get a chance to check pressure though.

Cap rotor wires aqnd plugs new.

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So, does it run for a little bit, then die..


Or does it die a few seconds after startup?


If it's the second option, I would bet it's your ballast resistor.


To test that, you can jump the wires on it to see if it makes any difference.


Resistor looks like this, mounted on the driver's inner fender.



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It varies,But if I crank it it revs then idles down stumbles and die..Then spins over a little longer than normal then cranks and does the same thing again.if i try to hold the pedal and make it run it loss power and dies too.

Ill check everything with an ohm meter tomorrow,found this link in another post it was helpful ..

http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Eng ... ostics.htm


Thanks for the help too!

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The hose on the fuel pump came loose and was sitting against the pick up tube,only making 9 pounds of fuel pressure.......I reconnected it and 31 pounds!!.

Suggestion throw away the little short hose that comes with a new pump buy some new hose and make it longer and double clamp it.

I heard all the renix horror stories and went to the extreme with diagnosis and over looked the simple stuff.

As Ive always preached check the basics first.fuel spark and timing.

While I was over thinking I learned alot about renix and its actually a simple system if you can read a meter.

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That was exactly my issue.


All of a sudden one day after firing her up and backing down the driveway, she stopped and would never fully start again.

I order a new pump, dropped the tank, just to find out it was the pickup tube hose that hosed me.


I replaced the pump anyway, no need to go thru all this again.


My new pump rings out at 35psi!


Maybe I'll see better milage too!



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