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87 J10? Baraboo, WI

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They were asking $700. I have a bunch of pics from them when it was listed awhile ago... Its debated on the last year of the j-trucks... Its said to be 87-88... I bet if you came there with $300 and a trailer, both parties would be happy from talking to her.


Rob L. ;)

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I wonder where they got the year from. I thought 83 was the last year for the J-trucks and FS Cherokees


83 was the last year for FS Cherokees, but they built j10s and j20s up until 87, so that really is an 87, there are some rumors of 88 j10s floating around but who knows,

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Hey now, Rob's the one that told me 83 was the last year, and that's why he was so mad at me for getting rid of my nice(for what it was) 83.


No, I said '88 is the last year... I think you might have hit the wrong keys when you told me what year it was initially... I thought at first, it was an '88.


Rob L. :dunno:

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