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fuel sending unit ?

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i swapped beds on my 88 longbed this weekend.i noticed fuel is slowly seeping through the wires on the sending unit.i'm pretty sure this piece is discontinued through mopar.does anyone know of a way to modify a different unit to fit.i do have the larger tank(23 gallon i think).right now my mj is my dd until i get my engine fixed in 88 mustang so i need to keep her in goodrunning shape.

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If it's only leaking at the wire in-put, you can pull the sending unit out, and there is a 0-ring on the under side of the wire connector, held on from the inside by a "snap" nut, the nut you'll have to cut off, and replace it with a new one. Both the nut and the 0-ring are 3/8" size.


Adding a little gas prof RTV also helps ;)

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