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Looking to put a D44 in the rear.

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Keep looking. You can find MJ 44's on Craigslist every now and then. Try looking for an XJ 44, all you'd need for that would be new perches and shock mounts.


Have you looked into an Explorer 8.8?, later ones are of the disk brake variety.

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Length is not the only concern. Bolt pattern is as well. Jeep XJ, MJ, YJ, TJ, WJ and ZJ use 5 on 4.5, as do Exploders, Rangers and B2s. JKs and full size Wagoneers (SJ?) are 5 on 5.5.


If you change the bolt pattern on one axle and not the other, you'd need different rims for the front and rear, as well as two different spares.


Everyone wants a D44, but you could settle for a Ford 8.8", or a 29 spline Chrysler 8.25".

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