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I saw an 1987 MJ at the Bone Yard this morning. This is a short bed with tailgate and NO rust inside or outside the bed. The Bed in in excellent shape inside. There are some dents on the passenger side lower half in front of the wheel well, and one minor one on the drivers side high on the rear. It appears to have had a topper on it at one time, and this is why it is in such Excellent shape. The tail gate is straight and in Excellent shape also. The two front doors, and the two front fenders along with the hood have NO RUST, and are in Excellent shape. The entire truck was painted Red, and the paint job is still in excellent condition. If there is any interest call me at 561-588-3376 after 9:30 PM EST or PaPaZion@aol.com or the U-Pull & Pay yard at 561-793-3808. This place is located just 5 minutes off the Flordia Turpike in West Palm Beach, Florida. :yes:

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Somebody may have grabbed stuff off it since last week, but at the time that truck also had a usable chrome rear bumper, a decent black lower dash trim piece and Black seats. The recline mechanism wasn't working on the driver's seat, but for the prices WPB upap charges, they were worth grabbing and trying to fix.

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