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Lets help a fellow jeeper


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Let's help Heavymetalxj, He is trying to get a chance to drive in the KOH race in Camos car

here is the post he made to try and get in , watch his vid, you will crack up, he is the one that makes the RCrocs vids and a friend of mine



KOH, The Average Guy’s shot.

The first day the driver’s seat contest was posted, I had decided I would pass on the opportunity, merely because I felt as though I wasn’t qualified for such a thing. I mean here I am, just some 23 year old guy in Connecticut, I had no dirt/rock sports racing experience, or hell, racing experience in general. I felt as though there were a lot of guys out there who had really worked for stuff like this, and had just missed it, or just couldn’t get some final things in order to be competitive. But the more I read replies to this thread, the more it became clear to me that this was “the average guy’s” contest, a contest available for the guy who may never have a chance to race in an event like this. I say “average guy” speaking on a majority basis. The majority of off roaders are incapable of funding/participating in something like KOH. But this was my shot.

It just so happened I had arranged for a flight in on the 8th previously, which turned out to be the day you had to be there by if you won. After filming and creating the DVD for the KOH RCQ qualifier event at Rausch in PA, my eyes were opened to the true rush that was ultra4 racing. I had never been around buggies with that kind of power being used before, sure there was cone dodging, but needless to say this was an entirely different world than cone dodging. And it was a good different. Taking a quote from a racer at the qualifier, “As Ricky Bobby said, ‘mama I’m going fast’, and everybody wants to do it.”

I tend to think of everything in some grand filmic sense, and KOH was no exception.

I set my flight up from CT to CA to tentatively go film with PinnedTV for the 2010 video for KOH, and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have the opportunity to actually be IN the race, this was not something I could pass up. I’ll be the first to tell ya, starting your own business does not leave room in the budget for tickets to Cali, but myself, like so many other “average guys”, took that chunk of change and put it forward to experience one of the biggest and most exciting events in the off road world. I don't even have a separate bank account for my Jeep, but I do for my KOH trip. I won't be the first to tell ya that the east coast has NOTHING like the hammers, we essentially do not have open land, let alone anything to go fast on. It would be a huge life experience, something “average guys” everywhere dream of. King of the Hammers is that dream. I AM that "average guy".

So that is my essay. 479 words.

And in reference to this quote:

Here I have included a video outlining the vigorous training regimen I have put in place to train for KOH, should I be given the chance to drive. It has been a major sacrifice, but we took the greatest terrain the east coast had to offer, and as Eugene Rose would so eloquently say, went “Hammer down.”

(For those who don’t know, it’s a play on BFG’s “Area BFE” video, shown here (important to see with it if you haven’t already!): Area BFE - Jeep and 4x4 trips on Vimeo )

and here is the voting

MFS/Pirate4x4 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers Top 5 Essay Vote - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board

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