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Need shock absorber advice

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I need to purchase new shocks for 3 vehicles and am in need of advice. I have 2 Z71 tahoes and a 2003 Grand Cherokee. I pull 5k - 6k lbs boat with the Tahoes and I live on a rough dirt road (not gravel but dirt). The Grand Cherokee will be lifted a couple of inches. The washboard and potholes are very common on our road. I was told by our mailman that I live on the worst road in the county so I do a lot of back country road driving.


BTW, the poor comanche rides like a log wagon on our road. :(


I have considered Bilstein 5100's or Pro Comp MX6. I have heard numerous times that Bilstein is the best but the ride can be a little harsh and the Pro Comp is adjustable which can be a bennefit.


Shocks are one of those things I don't like to skimp on. I am curious if anyone has had any luck good or bad with either of these shocks or if they know what I would expect?

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I put some Bilsteins on a '96 XJ I used to have, and it rode much better. It helped cure a death wobble, but I'm sure new tires, alignment, shocks, and steering stabilizer has a part in it too! I think I got mine off eBay, and saved a ton of money from buying them at the local 4wd store.

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There is nothing "harsh" about the Bilsteins sans the initial prices. LOL I have them and they are by far the bast shocks I have ever had on this vehicle. But they are costly.


For the fact height vehicles, try the Monroe sens-a-tracks. EXCELLENT shocks!! Another really nice shock available in small lifted heights is Old man Emu. These are excellent shocks as well.



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