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Free shipping on POR-15


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Received this e-mail from POR-15 and thought I should share with my fellow MJ'ers since rust is our enemy.


Thanksgiving Free Shipping Offer


Use code TDFSO when ordering online and have your order shipped to you FREE! This offer is valid Thanksgiving weekend (Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun) only!


Visit us online at http://www.por15.com/

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is this a good price?


Pint............ $29.95

Quart......... $44.95

Gallon........ $143.00



That's around what I paid ($40-something a quart),

Getting a gallon's a bad idea, unless you're going to burn through the whole thing in a short time.


It doesn't last long after you open it (best to seal with plastic wrap under the cover & refrigerate the unused portion), and is easily contaminated (I always scoop the paint out into another container to brush from, then seal original container).


I only opened one of the 4 qts I bought so far, but the lid was friggen 'paint-welded' to the can.

I never had this happen before (esp with a new can), but I had to destroy the container to open it. :fs1:


As far as prices, I did find one place selling it online for ~$37 a quart, but figured they'd probably hit you on shipping (since every other place I found was $41-45 a quart). :dunno:



edit: I actually got the 4-qt deal this time, and they knock like $20 off the total.

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A quart should do it.


Find out what primer works best with the bedliner,

when the 2nd coat of POR-15 is tacky to the touch, spray a dusting of the primer over the POR-15.


Let that completely dry, then follow the instructions on the can of primer.

(might say: "2nd coat before 4 hours, or after 48 hrs", or something like that)



POR-15 also makes a tie-cote to use over POR-15, but I've had good luck doing the above.

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