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window rubbers...

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I read the thread below on this...but has anyone got a direct link to an aftermarket solution for the window wiper rubbers and that forward pillar piece. The website that offers the OEM ones is way to expensive for me,.,,,the pillars are like 99 each piece.

I know JCW carries the channel rubbers..if anyone has used them which style is it Mine are so far gone I just have little schnibblets of it left

Trying to find one in a junk yard is pointless as anything in AZ is dry rotted.

Any alternative solution si fine....mine ar so rotted out the window ratlling is driving me nuts.


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..no this is the forward channel piece the window runs it..it is the piece that is between the vent window and the roll down window.

I know I read someone using one from JCW but not sure which style works.

The weatherstrip piece on the rea of the window and the the upper portion are a rubber strip...that I can get from JCW or anyone else..it is the forward piece that is different...but I think I will just get the same style as the rubber weatherstrip that is used on the rest of the window and do it that way.


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Although there have been a couple posts on this subject.............


I've come across these and been wondering if there even close to fitting for replacement window wipes :hmm:


http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showl ... elID=38889


But even that set runs around $60 :eek:


Here's a link to the CRL main page for door weather stripping.........If anyone's even tried any of there replacement moldings.


http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showl ... tory=19748

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...looks like they have them I will assume they are the forward run channels.....certainly more reasoanble at 35.00 each than 99.00 each at teamcherokee


Cool! Don't give up on teamcherokee though, sometimes they get some NOS that can't be found anywhere else, and they have a lot of other stuff if you looked around on there, and a lot of it at a decent price IMO.

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