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Spare Parts

64 Cheyenne

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Brought all this stuff home today for spares, not shown are the doors they have perfect interior panels and good west coast style mirrors. I still have to get the doors, wiper assembly, exhaust pipe off the truck.












All for .........$40 Bucks! :banana:

Sorry I don't know why the pics are small, I'll figure that one out later.

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I wouldn't call the place I got my parts from a JY, but rather a "Rezyard" every time I go there I worry about DEA, FBI etc swooping down on the place and taking me along for a 3 day vacation.....or maybe getting shot or worse, it can and has happened.

I can't say I'm the kind of person who would be intimidated by a place like that. I'm one of those guys who, when I walk in front of your car at the mall I hear the power locks engaging......Makes me laugh at how secure that makes people feel. Too bad people judge me more often by my looks than by the peaceful caring person that I am.

Whoops :typing:

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