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clunking sound near front end

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i have a 86 comanche with clunking sounds in the front end, it happens mostly when going up hill and go around a turn or hitting washboard on dirt roads. the track bar is tight, but i can rotate the center link by hand is this normal for the tie rod ends?

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normal? no it is surely not normal, maybe a common problem.

think he was referring to being able to move the tie-rod by hand twisting it-wise... which yes, you should be able to twist it...

you should NOT be able to move it back and forth or move the tires independently of it.


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haha sorry eagle i just wanted to make clear that this is clunk is far from normal. :yes: Yes it twists fine, but no sloppy back and forth movement. I checked the control arm bushings with small pry bar the rubber seemed soft, but i think should go over them again...... I was reading about bad control arms bushings on some polyurethane bushing site. If they are shot what is a better replacement polyurethane bushings or just replace the control arms?

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