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'86 MJ info

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Well I could not resist buying another MJ. It is an '86 with a 2.8 v6, 2wd, longbed, automatic. It supposedly has a blown head gasket. Has not been on the road for 4 years. The body condition for an '86 is very good which is the reason I could not pass it up. I do not know yet what I will do with it. I have not brought it home yet. I am going to have to wait and really clean it up and pull the carpet out before I decide to put it on the road or use as a part vehicle. My questions are about the drivetrain. This engine is not fuel injected right? Also is the automatic just a simple 3 speed or is it an overdrive or lockup torque converter at least? Thanks for any info.Will post some pics when I get it home.

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