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Project: Trusty Rusty

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Well i might keep it pretty stock for now, its my daily driver to and from work. And my hunting truck. I am in the process of getting all the parts together to build a rust free 88 which will replace this blue one as a daily driver. Then I'm gona use it for play/abuse. I would love to see it sitting on some 33s but for now it spends too much time on the road for that.

What part of Indiana are you from?

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Those Hoosiers are all over the place. I could tell right away you were from Indiana because of your rust problem. Mine was in that bad of condition except my rockers were in slightly better shape and my cab corners were in much worse shape. Life in Indiana...


But dang, that rear bumper is in fine shape. Were do you live? Do you stay out late at night? Do you have any shotguns or large dogs? Are you a fast runner?

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