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ball joint question....updated 11/15

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Ok so I adjusted the toe on the old manche tonight and she drives much better. While I had it in the garage I figured Id give the front end a quick checkup. I noticed that I have some up and down movement in the upper ball joints on both times. While pricing the new joints out on the napa website I noticed that the part description reads as follows......Ball joint does not articulate stud only spins. Up and down movement is normal.....My question is.....Is this correct ? And if up and down movement is normal then how much should I have?

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went ahead and replaced both upper and lower balljoints yesterday. I figured with all the miles and two seasons of carrying the snowplow around it couldnt hurt. I also readjusted the toe setting after I was done. And the end result is things are much better now. The old girl drives like a new one again at any speed..... jamminz.gif

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