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what is this called ?

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I just replaced the valve cover gasket in my Comanche...2.5L. Sticking out of the top near the front is the pcv valve....what do you call the "valve" sticking out near the rear of the cover??? I want to be armed with knowledge when I see the idiot at the parts store :doh:

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2.5L may be different from the 4.0L,

but the 4.0L doesn't actually have a PCV valve.


4.0L's use an orifice sized accordingly to allow a specific amount of air to pass.

(CCV orifice IIRC).


IIRC, the CCV orifice is at the rear of the valve cover, and connected directly to a vacuum port,

and the front of the valve cover is a simple hose connection, that goes to the airfilter, to allow filtered air to enter the crankcase.


Not sure if that is helpful for a 2.5L tho.

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