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Hey Geonovast!!!!


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Here is something for you to play with while your waiting for the ground to dry out. :D




If I had time today, I would come down there and get you. We could go look it over and I would let you pontificate on it. Alas, I don't have enough free time to even chase my tail today. :fs1:



Just trying to help




Just found something else to keep you off the street corners. (as if you had streets where you are)




If you had this, all your trucks wouldn't be in WI. ;)

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Stop reminding me I don't have money :fs1:


That XJ would be good if I had the cash to at least go look at. Although for the next one, I was hoping for a 97-99 that had nothing wrong with it. Last thing I need is another Jeep that needs work, I already have 3.


I'd also, of course, be interested in the MJ if I had the money.


Do you ever get into Camdenton? I've counted 4 MJs so far between here and being town and I don't think any of the are club members, and OF COURSE, I still haven't put on my CC window stickers on the XJ, and OF COURSE, I left them in WI.

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Don't be scared. I have absolutely nothing to do with WOW. They're just newish flavors of MD, they were on sales, so I figured I'd try them.


I supposed I could just go steal the MJ in the weeds up the road... then I'd have one down here :clapping:

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