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craigslist fine for RI/CT/MA


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i can't afford it right now. maybe someone here can.




Dana 44 out of 91 jeep comanche all rebuilt drum to drum evyerthing new but drums welded and never broke still in truck.. doing a 1 ton swap so it needs to go have matching dana 30 frontall rebuilt ....no pics .. looks like a dana 44



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no pics .. looks like a dana 44


Yeah, I wouldn't even bother. If they can't even be sure about what it is, and can't be bothered to take a pic, then I couldn't be bothered to pay them.


I drove 35 miles once cause I was told there was a 3.55 XJ D44 I could have for $150, and it ended up being a 35.


Also, how can you rebuild an axle without knowing what it was?

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